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Our latest family picture

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Chapel Builders of California is a Volunteer based ministry of the First Missionary Baptist Church in Fresno California. This ministry was started back in 1988 to help sister churches of like faith and practice with their building needs.  Our help consists of everything from repairs to new construction.    All funds for materials are the responsibility of the inviting church.  Our current head for this Ministry is a licensed contractor, He assist our churches with their pre building needs, as well as, organizes all the projects we take on.  This ministry is funded by the aide of our sister churches giving financial support to meet the needs of our ministry leader. Our sister churches also help by sending their members to the projects that we are working on. And by praying for us as we travel and do the Lord’s work.

We work together to make the buildings that we meet in, a place that lets our communities know that we love our Lord and Savior, becuase we believe that He deserves our very best.  Hopefully making our place of worship an inviting atmosphere, becuase our buildings are possibly the first impression on those that may want to come in to find out what we are about.  It is then our responsibility to share the Love of Jesus with them.

Sponsoring Church, First MBC Fresno, CA                                         

Chapel Builders of California 

8839 N. Cedar Ave #55, Fresno, CA 93720   Ph. 559-435-1195   

Missionary Builders: Richard & Robyn Wharton
Ph. 559-681-0908 
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Builders of California

Since 1988 we’ve been working in this ministry and over the past 10+ years other builders from sister churches have joined in the work.  We are so excited to work with these brothers and sisters.  All are worthy of your support, each building team is supported through their local Church and offerings need to be sent to their supporting church.  We all covet your prayers as we work together.                              

Ministry leaders for Chapel Builders: Richard & Robyn Wharton

Richard and Robyn Wharton
Being a preachers kid, I grew up in church. One summer I came under conviction on a Thursday night at church camp, so I knelt down next to the log I was sitting on because I was shy and didn’t want to go down to the front. Knowing I was a sinner, I accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of ten.
My father, a pastor of a Missionary Baptist church, found himself having to also work a secular job to meet the needs of his family. I grew up helping him, weekends and summers learning how to be a plumber. After high school I attended a year of technical school and then got into the pool and spa business and then back to the building trade building and remodeling homes with my dad and brother.
We have a home base which is in California. We aren’t there very much because we are constantly on the move. Now I look back and see how God used everything in my past to bring about what He is now doing in my life. I now work for my Lord and Savior and am using skills from every trade and circumstance that God allowed me to go through earlier in my life.
Howard Frakes was the original Chapel Builder and a true inspiration to me. He had a heart of gold and would have done just about anything for someone in need. I learned a lot during the times that I worked with Howard and saw his Love for God and His people. He was a builder and found a way to serve his Savior through a ministry that He and his home church, First Missionary Baptist Church, Fresno, founded. They called it Chapel Builders of California. It officially began in 1988. Then, in 1996 Howard went home to be with his Lord. Later that year the church asked if I would be willing to continue the ministry that Howard started.
It’s hard to describe the struggles and blessings that this request brought to our lives. God has taken both Robyn and I from working secular jobs to working for the Lord full time. It is such a blessing working for the Lord and watching Him work in our lives and going from thinking that I was providing for my family with the skills giving to me by God. To realizing that the truth was and is that God is the one that has always provided for us!
It is totally different to think that you are the one providing, and then going into a situation where you are supported by churches that are sending in offerings each month to meet your needs. Being raised in church I knew how easily this can change when a church can meet one month and decide to send the funds that they were sending to you and place it somewhere else. I can tell you know after doing this ministry for almost 23 years that even though men may change, God does not and when He is in it, He supply’s!
Robyn was born in LA “a southern girl”, my dad always told me that I should find me one of those southern girls. She is the love of my life and has blessed us with three beautiful girls. Robyn homeschooled the girls as we traveled and now two of the girls are married and have blessed us with two grandson’s and the third is engaged to be married. She is a great mother and a wonderful wife. Robyn takes care of me now as we travel and helps to cook on the projects and is often found painting when the opportunity allows.

Current Needs!

I can’t express just how great our God is!  He is continually amazing me in how he meets the needs of our Ministry.

Just in this year alone we’ve received love offerings that helped us pay our taxes as we weren’t able to pay our quarterly‘s this past year! But God, provides.

We needed some tools at the beginning of the year and without my saying a word we received funds designated for tools :) But God, provides.

My computer has been on it’s last legs and so I’ve been looking at computers to replace mine.  A family heard of this need. But God, provides.

Our God meets our needs and I believe that he uses each of us in a unique way to reach others for the Lord.  I believe that he allows Robyn and I to help others in time of need, that is from the Lord. Sometimes through this ministry and sometimes through other means.

Our ministry cost money, it’s a bummer that it does because I would do this for free!  God uses His church and individuals to meet the needs of this ministry.  If God is leading you to help us... please heed his calling and give, pray or come out and help us on a project.