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Chapel Builders of California


Our Reports Page

Come here to look at our reports, please click on the links below to read, copy and print.

Unfortunately as of now the only way to view the report is by clicking on the report below which will take you to google drive or Dropbox.  You might have to download the google app to view?  And then you can view or download the file to print.  Sorry, I will change if the website updates their ability to view on the site :( 

June 2022 (Google drive)

June 2022 (Dropbox)

Association report 2022 (Google drive)

Association report 2022 (Dropbox)

February 2022 (Google drive)

February 2022 (Dropbox)

November 2021 (Google drive)

November 2021 (Dropbox)

August 2021 (Google drive)

August 2021 (Dropbox)

June 2021 (Google drive)

June 2021 (Dropbox)

March 2021 (Google drive)

March 2021 (Dropbox)

January 2021 (Google drive)

January 2021 (Dropbox)

October 2020 (google drive)

October 2020 (Dropbox)

June 2020 (google drive)

June 2020 (Dropbox)

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