Chapel Builders of California

Chapel Builders of California


Come out and help us!

Upcoming Projects

Chapel Builders 2024 Project Dates (sometimes things change so contact us if you are coming to make sure everything is on track.)

Our California schedule this year was empty, the first time in 27 years I had no scheduled projects and I’ve been asked to work with Macedonian builders this 2024 year.  I’ll be busy coordinating projects which means working on the actual project and making several preliminary trips to get everything ready for when the builders show up for the main project.

Cedar Hills Church camp Binger, Oklahoma

May 4th-18th (adding shower rooms onto 8 existing dorm, we’ll be adding a total of 48 new showers and 48 sinks and faucets in each bathroom,  well be adding 20 new A/C units on the dorms and other buildings, well be doing a lot of electrical as well as framing all of these new shower rooms which will need new sheet metal roofing.  We’ll be doing spray foam and can use those who are experienced in this.  Lots to do! Hopefully having some camp style meetings, singing and preaching)

Mt Pleasant Texas, Nevills chapel

July 27th-August 10th (renewal of existing facility on the property with all phases of work needing to be done.)

Faith MBC, Sterlington, Louisiana October 12-26th

(brand new building from the ground up, lots and lots for everyone to do. Plan on coming out and pray for us as we work on plans and logistics that everything will come together.

Possible Trip to Peru for Jan-Feb 2025 one to pray about!

As you can see a very busy year ahead, please keep us and these projects in your prayers.

Needs: with fuel prices, and higher everything. Travel is very expensive please consider sending help for these expenses.

If you can come out and help on any of the projects or you have questions about our ministry please contact me via phone or email as dates and projects can change throughout the year.

Richard Wharton