Chapel Builders of California

Chapel Builders of California


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Upcoming Projects

Chapel Builders 2023 Project Dates (sometimes things change so contact us if you are coming to make sure everything is on track.)

April 4-6th we will attend the California state meeting

April 17th-May 2nd Hesperia CA LMBC remodel of Pastors home bathroom and re-roofing teen building and some electrical at the church building

The first week of the Orroville project I’ll be flying back to help do plumbing on a Macedonian Project in Mississippi.  Ryan Budda and others will start the demo process in Orroville.

May 8th-June 10th New Hope MBC Orroville Ca.  Fellowship Hall roof repair, we will be removing the entire roof over the center section of the building approximately 45’ long.  From may 8th- the 27th will be the demo phase with electrical, a/c and the demolition of the trusses down to the walls and the removal of the front wall.  Starting the 29th we will reset the trusses and reroof the building and do the necessary electrical, mechanical etc.. to get the building ready for insulation and drywall by others.

We will be in Spokane the third week of June for the National ABA meeting

July 1st-15th Olive Hill MBC Orroville CA.  Church and parsonage updating, windows, doors, painting, stone work etc.. 

August- the first week in October. we’ll be working back east with Brother Randy Taylor and Macedonian for at least three projects.

October 20th- November 3rd Porterville MBC.  We’ll be painting the exterior of their buildings and possibly coating the roof. 

November 6th-18th we’ll be in Hayward CA, Emanuel MBC remodeling parsonage, repairing carport and possible solar.

As you can see a very busy year ahead, please keep us and these projects in your prayers.

Needs: with fuel prices, and higher everything. Travel is very expensive please consider sending help for these expenses.

If you can come out and help on any of the projects or you have questions about our ministry please contact me via phone or email as dates and projects can change throughout the year.

Richard Wharton