Chapel Builders of California

Chapel Builders of California


Come out and help us!

Upcoming Projects


January 17th solar project for our pastor

February 7th-19th (Anaheim, CA (tile, paint etc…)

February 21st-23rd Redlands, CA (a/c work)

February 25th-march 5th Jurupa Valley MBC, CA (new water lines)

March 21st-April 5th Arroyo Grande, CA (exterior repairs)

April 12-14th Arroyo Grande, CA State association meetings

April 26th-May 12th Orroville, CA (repairs, and parsonage bathroom)

May 16th-28th Romania (postponed)  Planning to go to Farmington NM to help with the Macedonian project

June 7th-24th Grass Valley, CA (roofing, siding, exterior painting)

July 12th-23rd North Highlands, CA (exterior painting)

September 6th-24th Bedford, TX (men’s and women’s bathroom remodel)

October 1-15th Macedonian project to erect and finish new mechanic shop in Mt Pleasant Texas  (well be staying on there until it’s finished-nov)

As you can see a very busy year ahead, please keep us and these projects in your prayers.

Needs: with fuel prices, and higher everything. Travel is very expensive please consider sending help for these expenses.

If you can come out and help on any of the projects or you have questions about our ministry please contact me via phone or email as dates and projects can change throughout the year.

I’m working on Next year!  So much to do and not enough time,  I have been struggling with next years schedule but will try and have more info by my next report

Richard Wharton